Shawn Cordon Real Estate Photography
Shawn Cordon Real Estate Photography
Architectural Photography & Videography






Shawn Cordon

Nashville     Los Angeles

 Shawn Cordon   Real Estate Photographer

Shawn Cordon   Real Estate Photographer


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Still Photography

This is the marketing backbone of any property listing. It starts with great photography. Photography that is not just routine, but remarkable enough to insure yours listing is the first of the group to preview.


Tour Websites

Once the photography has been completed, It is loaded into two separate websites. Branded website and Unbranded website.Branded site:  Built with it's own custom URL (


Branded site

Used for every purpose including social media, general advertisement, agent self promotion and many other uses.

Unbranded site

Built only for you local MLS and the link is added at the same time the still photos are broker loaded.

Client Center

Offering complete control over your listings media. Many functions are found here.

  Client Center Screen Shot

Client Center Screen Shot

  1. Control over all past and present listings

  2. Downloading photos and videos

  3. Editing the Tour

  4. Tour Links

  5. Flyer Generation

  6. Web Statistics






All tours are converted to a youtube video file. Once your Youtube channel is linked to our Client Center, the tour video will be automatically uploaded to your channel. Over time this will populate a wonderfull Google plus and Youtube Channel as a foundation for your buisness internet relevency.

Cinematic Property Videos

Stunning, whimsical lifestyle videos of the property and area. The very finest way to set a property in a light, high and above any others offered. 

Rural Video Sample

Urban Video Sample


Aerial/Drone Photography

Rest knowing that a fully current, FAA licensed pilot/cinematographer will legally capture the finest still and motion video for your listing.


Contact Us


Email us with any questions or inquires or call 805.428.4137. We would be happy to answer your questions and set up a meeting with you.



Shawn Cordon Real Estate Photography

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